Having faith isn’t all about GOD..
Faith is having the confidence in what we hope for
Assurance about what we do not see.
For a long time I have had inner turmoils fuel me but honestly the only time i have a piece of mind is when I give up and use GOD as my placebo pill.

Maybe believing is a mind thing but this mind thing sure comes in handy when i an down and out.

3 ways faith changes your life.
faith gives you

The power to fight your inner turmoils.

The ability to do what scares you, to act on your beliefs despite threats of danger, to show strength in face of grief or pain.

The ability to experience stability in the middle of instability.

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Self Preservation or Self Deprivation?

Nowadays millennials only care about the out(look) not the soul. Yet many people suffer from depression both the young and the old. Instead of conquering their problems to preserve human health, many sugarcoat and hide their lives because no one wants to be judged, no one wants to pitted upon, no one wants help! and no one wants to share!


you are human and no one can do it all by themselves. It takes a team to complete a task so you might as well surround yourself by people who can transcend you verses people  who cause self deprivation, loss of strength and loss of integrity.

There are too many people in the world to surround yourself by the ill…ie: people who are considered poison. They will do nothing but infect your world, infect your mind, and infect your soul.

Have you ever been poisoned by a friend

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Do what you want

Where you are, with what you have,

Never be satisfied.

The situation will never be ideal.. that is called walking by sight not walking by fate.

You don’t have to see it to believe it,

If you believe it you can see it.

And don’t be disturb that no one else sees your vision

That is not absurd its actually ordinary

But because you want some DIFFERENT kind of result in your life you have to be willing to be unreasonable… part of being unreasonable means

Not judging a book by it’s cover..

Believing it before you see it ..

Most people don’t/can’t & won’t do that

The key to self motivation is finding a cause much larger than yourself. part of what gives you reason for living is being able to give something back..

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current state of affairs

nothing last forever. You have to contend with life. That’s a permanent fact of existence and to argue that the social structures in which we live are incomplete and imperfect is the truth but to take that personally makes you simply crazy. It’s a fact everything you’re given in life will degenerate and is always in need of repair.

But you are still blessed. You have been granted life and you are still breathing.

Not everyone is blessed enough to be born into wealth nor is everyone fortunate enough to inherit a trust fund so US regualar people must build from the ground up and there is so much too experience, so much too learn, so much you will appreciate when your are old.

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Life is like DEAD ENDS

Life is like dead ends.. if you don’t trim the splits from your life, they will run. They will infiltrate your life’s harmony an deplete value of all things once described as beautiful.

Happy Sunday guys…let’s pray for our sanity and bless our goals.

You of all people can do it.

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Willful Blindness

“If you live a pathological life then you pathologize your society”

What is willfull Blindness?

It’s when undeveloped ideas are soo vague and foggy that you won’t know you have failed until you have failed.

You are a node on a network and your fate affects many others.

But if you fail to prepare, the price you pay is meaningless suffering. Can you bear this burden properly?

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